Ultrasensitive Quantum Thermometer – Developed by JMI Indian Scientists

Ultrasensitive Quantum Thermometer develop by Jamia Millia Islamia Scientists
Ultrasensitive Quantum Thermometer develop by Jamia Millia Islamia Scientists

A team of Scientists from Jamia Millia Islamia have developed a Quantum Thermometer using graphene quantum dots. It is ultra sensitive and can measure temperatures precisely over a wide range – 27° C to –196°C.

In-Detail :

  • The Ultrasensitive Quantum Thermometer developed by Saikh S. Islam and his team is very sensitive to even minute (MicroKelvin) changes in temperatures.
  • It has an extremely quick response time.
  • In about 300 milliseconds it has registered temperature change from 27° C to –196°
  • And to return to its original temperature it took just 800 milliseconds.
  • The team has tested the thermometer for 50-cycles in the one-year time period. It has high repeatability with an ultra-fast response.
  • The thermometer can also be used to read high temperatures up to 100°C.

Making of the Thermometer :

  • For the thermometer, the scientists have used reduced graphene oxide which has properties similar to monolayer graphene but can be synthesized easily in large-scale materials.
  • Quantum dots are formed during the reduction process which is then mixed with a ceramic to produce the sensor.
  • The ceramic does not interfere with the quantum dots (3nm to 6nm) but forms a rigid structure around it.
  • The quantum dots form a matrix which acts senses the temperature.
  • As per scientists, the process of manufacturing the thermometer is extremely cost-effective.
  • The team is now looking to use the thermometer in electronic devices as it does not require calibration.

Applications :

  • The device can be used in cryogenic temperature testing applications.
  • In Pharmaceutical manufacturing and storage, where accurate temperature maintenance is critical.
  • In the healthcare sector where storing biological cells need accurate temperature.
  • In the automobile industry for measuring ignition temperature.

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Graphene :

  • Graphene is known as the wonder material.
  • It consists of a single layer carbon with a hexagonal lattice.
  • It is the strongest materials ever tested.
  • It conducts heat and electricity effectively.
  • It is nearly transparent.
  • It has a melting point of 6000K.
  • All these properties make it the wonder material which has applications in wide areas.

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