Scientists Propose a Policy to Prevent Sixth Mass Extinction

Scientists Propose a Policy to Prevent Sixth Mass Extinction

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On the Earth Day (22 April 2019), Scientists have proposed a policy for the world to prevent the extinction of species on the planet. The policy is named – Global Deal for Nature (GDN).


  • Anthropogenic activities have aggravated the extinction process on Earth.
  • Earth witnessed five mass extinctions so far and the sixth is being caused by humans.
  • To prevent further loss of biodiversity, 19 international Scientists have proposed a policy called Global Deal of Nature.
  • As per the policy, $100 billion is needed every year to save the diversity and abundance of life on earth.
  • GDN plan will be implementing and integrating climate and nature deals at a global level to avoid loss of biodiversity.
  • Just like the Paris Climate Agreement that brought the world together to tackle climate change, GDN will be a global conservation plan to prevent sixth mass extinction.
  • GDN is science-based and time-bound.
  • The proposed plan has detailed guidelines, milestones, and targets for the world nations to follow and achieve.
  • They will help the world avoid the threat of a two-degree increase in temperatures that might lead to biodiversity catastrophe.

Important Goals

  • The three main goals of the GDN are:
    1. Conserving 30% of the Earth’s surface in order to protect the biodiversity.
    2. To conserve the Earth’ carbon storehouses to mitigate climate change
    3. And reducing any major threat to biodiversity.
  • The plan envisages setting up protected areas as natural ecosystems where biodiversity can thrive.


It is absolutely necessary for nations to consider the GDN plan at a time when the world is looking at an uncertain future with rising temperatures and loss of diversity due to human activities.

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