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Salient Features:

  • Four-Tiered Assessment Module
  • Past Two Years' Current Affairs
  • Most relevant Content
  • Coverage of the Complete Syllabus
  • 'Learn More in Less Time' Feature
  • UPSC Simulator Tests
  • Auto-Activated Retake Feature
  • Unmatched Online Test-Platform
  • All-India Ranking

IAS Prelims Test Series 2020 (Batch -2)

Medium: English
Exam Mode: Online
Total Tests: 30
Test Starts on: 6 October 2019
Test Fraction: 9 Basics Level + 12 Advance Level + 5 Full Length + 4 UPSC Simulator Tests
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Far from the Self-acclaimed advertisements of everyday but with average quality test series, we have come up with the genuinely relevant and best in class test series for the Civil Services Preliminary examination. We will genuinely support you in shaping your career the Civil Services.

Prelims Test (Batch -1)

Total Test: 30

Test Start: 4 August 2019

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The Most-Relevant Test-Series for Civil Services Preliminary Examination

Why should you join our Test-Series?

  • Research & Innovation Based Assessment Module
  • Four-Tiered Assessment Module
  • Comprehensive Coverage of the Complete Syllabus of UPSC Prelims
  • Scientifically Designed Explanations to help you Learn More in Less Time
  • Up to 85% Coverage of the Syllabus of UPSC Mains Examination
  • Most relevant Content and Supplementary Materials* developed by our experts
  • Rational number of Tests so that you get sufficient time for self-study and revision in between
  • Auto-Activated Retake Feature*
  • Unmatched Online Test-Platform
  • Past Two Years' Current Affairs

How will you get benefited by our Test-Series?

  • If you are a fresher and have started Self-Study for Civil Services Examination 2020/21
  • If you joined a coaching institute years back and could not clear the prelims after multiple attempts
  • If you wrote the mains exam or given interview(s) in the past, and want to double your chances of getting selected in 2020
  • If you are a working professional and want to achieve your dream of becoming a Civil Servant through an integrated preparation
  • If you had started preparing for Civil Services years ago skipped the prelims of 2018/19, and now looking for an affordable and most-relevant program to get into the rhythm.

What is the ‘Four-Tired Assessment Module’?

'Four-Tired Assessment Module' is an innovative way of preparing you for the Civil Services Preliminary Examination. It will help you in the following ways:

  • Developing the basic understanding of all subjects
  • Increasing the level of your knowledge
  • Improving the level of your accuracy and reading-pace
  • Help you in identifying the areas of opportunity
  • Making you familiar with the pattern of Aptitude Tests conducted by the UPSC
  • In scoring beyond the expected cut-off of CSE Prelims examination
  • Sufficient time-gap has been provided in between all the tiers so that you can prepare for the next Tier/revision

What are the Four Tiers of assessment?

Tier I: Basics or Fundamentals

  • Books published by the National Council of Educational Research and Training and National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS).
  • Candidates are advised to read the NCERT books thoroughly.
  • All current affairs questions will be asked from current events of national and international importance.

Tier II: Advance

  • In this tier of assessment, most questions will multidimensional to examine the knowledge of aspirants on various subjects.
  • This tier of assessment would help aspirants to revise the syllabus within a specific time.
  • The purpose of the supplementary materials of this tier of assessment will increase the level of knowledge on all subjects of General Studies and Current Affairs.

Tier III: Applied

  • At this tier, most questions will be application-based to examine the progress and the knowledge of aspirant on various subjects.

Tier IV: UPSC Simulator:

  • This tier of assessment will be completely based on our analysis of Previous Years Question Papers, patterns, and predictions of the most important topics.
  • At this tier, we aim at providing you an environment and a question paper which is very-much similar to that of UPSC including the nature of the questions, level of difficulty and interlinkage of current events with static topics
  • The simulator tests will evaluate your decision making skills and overall aptitude.
  • Unlike Test-Series provided by other institutes, you will get sufficient time to take curative measures suggested by our expert after completing our test-series program.

Terms and Conditions

  • The Current Affairs for the period of 9th March - 15th May will be supplemented by Journal or eBook in the month of May 2020.*
  • Auto-Activated Retake Feature is will be activated after the successful completion of the Program. This feature will allow you to retake all or any specific Test of this program.*
  • In case you miss a Test, you can write it anytime at a later date on or before the expiry date of the program. This program will be valid till 31st May 2020.
  • Offline students may take a test online. They can also interchangeably attempt in online and offline mode. One test can be attempted only in one mode.
  • The material of Classic IAS Academy is for the individual only. In case a student is found involved in any violation of copyrights of Classic IAS Academy, the admission to the test series will be cancelled.
  • Classic IAS Academy reserves all rights to make any changes in test series schedule/test writing days and timing etc. if need so arises.
  • Fee once paid is non-refundable and non-transferable in all circumstances.

Why should you start early?

The Civil Services Prelims exam of 2019 was an eye opener for many aspirants. It was a tough one. Those who expected to clear the exam by taking mock tests at the last moment had failed miserably. UPSC has again proved that it selects only the best prepared.

It is why we are bringing out this IAS Prelims Test Series 2020 to help you get ready for Prelims-2020. But more than our help, it is you who has to put in the effort.

Now, how are we going to do this..

Push for Self Study – The UPSC Test Series follows the dynamic questioning pattern of UPSC. It pushes you for self study. That is, instead of mugging up the facts and information available in the market, it makes you dig deep into the subject matter. It helps you develop an analytical mind which in turn helps you in mains examination.

Improves Subject Understanding – The pattern of the IAS Prelims Test Series enables you to improve your subject understanding. Each test is based on a particular subject, which means 100 unique and dynamic questions from the subject. A clear understanding of various concepts is made possible through the IAS Test Series.

Complete Coverage – Testing your knowledge on each and every topic of the syllabus is necessary for clearing prelims 2020. We ensure this through our UPSC Test Series. All the topics mentioned in the syllabus by the UPSC are covered in the test series. It also includes sub-topics.

Speed of Answering – You can utilize the opportunity provided by the tests to strategise on your answering techniques. It further enables to improve your answering speed. Remember, it is all these tiny issues that matter to get through the exam. So, utilize the IAS Prelims Test Series thoroughly.

Plan and Target – The weekly schedule of the tests enables you to better plan your preparation and gives you a target to achieve. Be consistent in writing the tests and you can surely achieve success in Prelims-2020.

Preparation Analysis – Just like the UPSC, questions in our test series will take you to uncharted territories and test your preparation level. The difficulty level of the questions will bring you out of your comfort zone and gives you a real picture of your preparation. Assess your preparation level and increase your efforts to achieve success in the prelims exam.

Revision Guide – The question papers along with the explanations to them will be useful as a revision guide before the prelims exam. It is advised to keep the questions papers safely with you. If luck strikes, many questions from the test series might turn up in the prelims paper. You never know.

Standing among Competitors – The test series brings out All India Ranking. This helps you understand where you are standing among your competitors. Our test series is taken up by aspirants from all over the country. Healthy competition helps you in early assessment and better preparation.
So, make sure that you take up the test series and lay a strong foundation for Prelims 2020 success.

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IAS Prelims Test Series