Triple Talaq bill Passed in Lok Sabha

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The Lok Sabha on 27\12\2018 passed The Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Bill,2018. Which commonly known as “Triple Talaq bill”. The bill is humanitarian consideration for Muslim women suffering from triple talaq.

Under the proposed law,giving instant triple talaq will be illegal and void, and will attract jail term three years and a fine for man.

Passing of bill in Lok Sabha

Following the direction of SC. The Govt introduced the bill in Lok sabha on 17/12/2018 to replace as Ordinance issued in September 2018.The fresh bill will supersede an earlier bill, it passed by Lok Sabha but pending in Rajya Sabha. Now the new bill must be passed by Rajya Sabha.

Key points of the Bill

Complaint: Only wife or her close relatives can file complaint to Magistrate.

Punishment: The pronouncement of the talaq is a punishable offence with imprisonment up to 3 years and a fine.

Banned ways of Talaq: Clause 3 of the bill declares pronouncement of talaq, both written or electronic form, as illegal and void.

Maintenance:Women and her dependent children entitle to have maintenance from her husband. The amount is  determine by Magistrate

Custody: The custody of minor children given to women against whom triple talaq decided by Magistrate.

Bail: There is provision for bail, which can be granted by magistrate only after hearing the wife.

Compromise: The women can drop case against her husband if both reach a compromise

Empowering Muslim Women

Supreme Court: In August 2017 the Supreme Court in a landmark verdict had held that the practice of triple talaq violates the constitutional rights of Muslim women.The triple talaq must come under ambit of Article-13.The personal law can no longer privilege over fundamental rights. Further SC directed  central govt to enact a law which make triple talaq an offence.

Giving rights to women:The triple talaq bill passed by parliament, it will protect women who suffer from instant talaq. Talaq will not be unilaterally, the women can also put their ground. The judgment will be given in accordance with law and none of partner will suffer. The other laws for women are Anti dowry Act 1961 and The Domestic Violence Act 2005.

Conclusion: The bill will protect the rights of Muslim women. India is democratic country and govern by constitution therefore Indian must enjoy their right in respective of  their race, religion. Why a women suffer to maintain century old personal law. Now time has changed the thoughts, expression and feeling must be protected by law. Uniform civil code maintain in country. In eye of law every one is equal.

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