Top 10 Tips for IAS Preparations for Beginners

top 10 tips for ias academy in Delhi

Tips for IAS Preparations for Beginners:

In Initial Stages, Beginner IAS Aspirants preparation for Civil Services Exam CSE is generally confused. below having 10 Tips for IAS Preparations for Beginners.

So let’s starts with motivation Quotes.

“Allow yourself to be a beginner. No one starts off being excellent.” ― Wendy Flynn

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  1. Do Smart Work rather than Hard Work

  • Smart work means selective reading and reading well.
  • The perfect approach is to start preparing for the preliminary examinations at least ten months in advance.
  • Get familiar with the syllabus of prelims.
  • You should concentrate on general studies as well.
  1. Single Tasking is more Efficient than Multi-Tasking

  • Pick one subject and combine it with current affairs.
  • Current affair preparation includes reading the daily newspaper, current event magazine and a year book.
  • Read good newspapers like The Hindu, magazines such as civil services chronicle and Manorama year book is very beneficial.
  • Whichever topics you choose, get the right books only.
  • Further, you can get the past five year’s solved question papers. Combine it with the syllabus.
  • If you start a particular topic, then follow it till completion. Simply speaking, do-not goes for multi-tasking.
  1. Agree to the Just in Time Approach

  • It states we should look for information only when required at that moment.
  • Don’t try to cover all the books referred by your friends on a given topic.
  • In order to build up your knowledge base, refer a good book or a magazine.
  • If someone suddenly comes across a new topic, one can quickly refer to a reference book or head over to the internet to find out more.

In this way, a person can retain the information for a longer time.

  1. Test Yourself Confidently

  • This can be accomplished by taking ias mock tests repeatedly.
  • In this approach, an individual knows exactly where he/she stands.
  • The most important aspect is that this approach eliminates the uncertainty and anxiety to a certain level.
  • One should know the latest trend of questions. Students should prepare themselves for the forthcoming prelims in a better way.
  1. Make Micro Notes

  • Micro note making is very useful. It helps an individual to revise quickly before the preliminary examination.
  • These notes can be on general knowledge, general studies and other optional topics.
  1. For Preliminary Exams, Invest on the Right Books

  • Selecting the right books and the right ias study materials are of greatest importance.
  • NCERT books are very helpful.

These books clear up doubts at fundamental level and assist students in getting good marks at both stages of civil service examinations.

  1. Follow Prelims Cum Mains approach

  • It is a strategy which means, to clear prelims-cum mains in a single attempt.
  • Good understanding of overlapping and non-overlapping areas in the UPSC GS syllabus is very essential.
  1. Choose Best Subject which you love most

  • While preparing for IAS, you can choose the best subject of your choice and you love the most.
  • Read and enjoy that subject and try to gain as much information as you can.
  1. Don’t put all eggs in one basket

  • Do not focus only on a particular area of study.
  • Rather, you should keep your focus on finding an alternative path.
  • You can apply for other government services also.
  1. Take care of your health with healthy Foods and Yoga

  • A healthy mind gives you energy to think and analyze.
  • So, stay healthy by taking adequate healthy food.
  • Do yoga and meditation regularly to keep your mind, body and soul fresh, fit and active.

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