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Based in Delhi, Classic IAS Academy is an age-old name in the world of coaching for IAS, one that has collaborated with multinational companies of top stature to achieve its purposes. It is considered to be one of the pioneer institutions for those who are chasing their dream to become an IAS officer. Not only is it one of the best IAS coaching in Delhi, this academy is backed by long years of experience of around three decades and has been nurturing the dreams and talents of young IAS aspirants, in order to serve our nation better.


Increasing competition in every face of education, it becomes very important to be prepared for the toughest challenges that are bound to show up. Aspirants who are adamant about qualifying through the IAS examination require the backing of a solid support system, one that would help them to prepare for the toughest roads ahead.

“No matter how busy you may think you are, you must find time for reading, or surrender yourself to self-chosen ignorance.” ― Atwood H. Townsend

The dedication of the students, combined with the integrated efforts of the academy, proves to be the perfect formula to produce Individuals who have the courage to confront any problem which arises to harm the Indian society.

To turn a candidate’s dreams of becoming an IAS officer into reality, Classic IAS Academy is well-equipped to all the paraphernalia required to produce the best candidate, who is not only more vigilant but also abreast about all the current affairs of the entire globe.

The interactive sessions conducted by the academy are informative enough and focus on practical learning to strengthen the thinking capacity of the students. This makes them competent enough to qualify through any examination organised worldwide. The latest machinery and tools adopted by the Academy are at par with that of the learning system of the country. thus making them the top IAS academy in Delhi.

With the increasing trend of having an entrance examination to get admitted into any kind of a course, there has always been plenty of buzz around qualification in these examinations.

Most colleges in India, as well as abroad, have been adopting this trend of having entrance examinations to be rest assured that only the creamy layer of aspirants get admitted into the top universities, in order to keep up the good name of the institution.

Likewise, most students take recourse to joining a coaching institute which would help them prepare better for the subjects of their interest.

Talking of the UPSC, or the civil services examination,

it is considered as one of the most sought for examination among students, due to the status and fame attached to its future prospects, like IAS, IPS, IRS and other subdivisions.

This examination provides one with a good career path for a bright future. If government service and its way of functioning interest you, then civil service is the correct career option for you.

And, when it comes to one’s career in the Indian Civil Services, the most trusted brand name is that of Classic IAS Academy, the best ias coaching in delhi. With great power comes an even greater amount of responsibility.

In order to be capable of handling work having such great demeanor, it is important to be much disciplined and stay focused on your thoughts. Thus, students at Classic IAS Academy are molded to have these qualities, so as to handle such judicial work with utmost priority and responsibility at the same time.

Our Objectives at the Classic IAS Academy :-

The main aim of Classic IAS Academy is not just to prepare students to qualify in the examination through classroom learning programmes but to transform their thinking process so that they can innovate and be creators of something that would make our society a much better place to live in.

Their mindset is influenced to make them bear the responsibility of ownership through leadership, in order to be more productive to the Indian society as a civil servant.

Being a premier top ias coaching in delhi, its major area of specialization is civil service examinations. The course plan is made in a way as to help students grasp the concepts through a practical approach.

The pedagogy adopted by the academy makes the complexities associated with this examination hassle-free for a student. It opens their minds to be able to grasps things quickly, without compromising on the quality of education that is imparted to them.

An aspirant, fresh out of college, is like clay. They get molded into the kind of form that you wish them to be. Thus, at this point in time, it is very important for them to receive the correct guidance and know-how about IAS and its future prospects from a trustworthy source. This is where Classic IAS Academy comes into play.

They provide

  • A clear understanding of the eligibility criteria required for qualifying this examination.
  • Information about the correct material required for the preparation of one of the toughest examinations in India.
  • Help with respect to choosing the subjects that best suits their interest, in order to clear the personal aptitude round for better scoring prospects.
  • Support for developing the forte to write descriptive essays, so that qualifying is easy and with a good rank.

Keeping these points in mind, maximum students every year opt for Classic IAS Academy for UPSC coaching in Delhi. Its success stories by its alumni members make it the first choice of every IAS aspirant

Best time to start Preparing for the Civil Services Examination :

Based on the general trend, most students nowadays opt for civil services examination preparation when they are fresh out of the universities, generally after the completion of their post-graduation courses. At the tender age of 22-24, it takes a certain amount of time to get acquainted with the examination pattern and the type of answers that are expected from the students. Thus, it is only after two or more trails that a student can succeed in qualifying the examination.

However, if you are really focused on becoming an IAS officer, there is no harm in starting off with your preparation just after, or even during, graduation. In order to cater to students of different age groups, Classic IAS Academy has customized training programmes which are designed; especially keep aspirants of all age groups into consideration.

Interactive Sessions :

The academy also takes the initiative to organize various seminars for developing the personality of aspiring students. This is one of the major stepping stones in qualifying the examination, as past records entertain that only theoretical knowledge is not sufficient for passing this examination. Thus, these sessions prove to be very helpful in shaping the entire persona of the students.

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Classic IAS Academy is at the forefront of providing best IAS coaching in delhi, India. The Academy helps the aspirants to tap their innate analytical power to become successful in the exam.

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