How to Crack Civil Services Examination in First Attempt?

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Cracking the most important and probably the most difficult exam in the country is no easy feat without best IAS coaching in Delhi. With just a few hundreds of seats up for grabs, the ratio of selected students to appearing students is astoundingly very low.

Here are a few tips that can help you crack the UPSC Examinations

  • Study Aid – The aspirants should get the relevant study and reading material right from the start to avoid any last minute hassles. Without doing this, you will often find yourself running around to accrue the study material which will only waste your time. Use only IAS suggested books to marginally reduce the preparation time.
  • Notes – It is always best that you resort to authentic standard books rather than going for market notes. Personal notes can help you a lot in this aspect. You have a better understanding of your own notes as you know exactly what you have written and why you have written something. If you are not very quick and efficient in making your own notes during running classes. Then at least try making proper notes of the important portions in the syllabus. The Top civil services coaching in Delhi may also provide you with useful notes.
  • Keep Testing Yourself Regularly – Try to get hold of a set of UPSC model question paper. Make sure it tallies with the pattern of the actual examination. Test yourself in actual exam conditions. The scores will indicate where exactly you stand. You will get familiar with the pattern of the examination. Regularly taking such UPSC mock tests will also improve your speed. It will also alert you about the content in the syllabus which is more important from the examination point of view.
  • Avoid Getting Discouraged – Initially you may score low, however, do not let that discourage you. With time and earnest hard work, your scores will only get better. But, also remember that once you start scoring high in these tests do not become satisfied. As in the examination, you have to be determined to score as high as possible.
  • Emphasis on your Weak Spots – As you study you will figure out your strong and weak areas. There should be no neglect of your weaker areas. You should read the difficult areas over and over again until you have complete command over them.
  • Keep Yourself Updated with Current Affairs – It is very important that you keep yourself updated on the day to day events and IAS Current Affairs. Because it would help your preparation for the general knowledge section. The IAS coaching would undoubtedly commend you newspapers for achieving this.
  • Memorizing – At times, it becomes necessary that you memorize certain sections of the syllabus. Always prepare a list of the sections of the syllabus that you need to memorize.
  • Avoid Cramming – Many students tend to cram a lot about their subjects. Don’t do it. The prelims aim to test your in-depth understanding of the subject. It cannot be overcome by cramming.

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  • Analytical Discussions – You should always try to link what you are presently studying and what you have read in other chapters. Discussions with fellow aspirants can help you achieve that. The best IAS coaching in Delhi have provisions for such fruitful discussions.
  • Revise your Syllabus Often – Always revise your syllabus as many times as possible, because you don’t just need to know everything in your syllabus, but also master it. You need to know there are many second, third, fourth, fifth timer aspirants who have studied it over the years and will obviously have a better grasp at the syllabus. So you cannot afford to slack no matter what.
  • Final Preparation – A few days prior to the examination, you should only focus on renewing and reinforcing your past learnings. The syllabus you have learned is quite voluminous and you should avoid venturing into new topics on the eve of the examination. On doing so, you only end up losing much more than you gain. Hence, the last few days should be solely kept for consolidating what has already been learned.

By sincerely following the above-mentioned tips, cracking the civil services exam can get easier than you actually think them to be. You can also look for help from your coaching institute in this regard. Classic IAS Academy in Delhi is known to take care of your aspirations and truly shaping your path to cracking the exams. Also this academy is counted among the best IAS coaching in Delhi. With renowned and skillful faculty members, coupled with extensive classes that cover the syllabus, they can set you out to achieve what you have so far dreamt of.

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