How to Prepare for Civil Services Examination?

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Aspiring students are pretty often left wondering as to how they should go about in preparing for India’s civil services examinations. One of the primary aspects is to always find good Academy that provide best civil services coaching in Delhi, but before starting preparations for the UPSC examinations, one should always know about the service itself.

The Indian Administrative Service is something on the lines of a nonpareil job, i.e. it cannot be compared to any other job or service. It gives you a platform to perform noble deeds for the society and happens to be an extremely well-reputed profession as seen by society.

Most of us tend to work hard for various examinations, but for IAS examinations you need to be smart too. The best civil services coaching in Delhi stress on various guidelines that need to be strictly followed by the aspirants, if they wish to achieve their dreams.

  • Good familiarity with the syllabus of the main and optional subject – You should be well acquainted with the content of the main syllabus and also all the areas that the optional subject covers. Such familiarity with the subject will go a great deal in reducing the mental burden from the start-off itself. For instance, an engineer can choose an engineering subject as he/she has already studied it and can handle it more easily. Such a step can help reduce the time dedicated to that subject, so that you can focus on other areas of your preparation.
  • Thorough insight of previous years papers – This is very essential, since if you invest your time skilfully to this strategy, then it will surely help you reap numerous benefits. You should go through previous ten years question papers so that you can successfully understand the pattern and identify the sections from which questions are asked very frequently. Also, at the same time zero in on the topics which are asked in the conventional essay type questions and those that are asked in the objective type questions. Once you have demarcated these sections, your task at hand becomes more convenient. Skilful assessment of previous papers achieves two purposes – it gives an initial confidence level, and secondly, you become well aware of the standard of the questions asked. The best civil services coaching in Delhi always stress that you carefully assess previous years papers.
  • Book selection – It is usually not recommended that you go through a heap of books to prepare for the examinations. It is advised that you go through a single book on the various topics so that your concepts are cleared. Standard books available in the market not only save your time in preparations, but also guide you as an effective teacher. Also, it is considered best if you get all the books on each topic beforehand, so that you don’t run into any last minute hassles.
  • Notes – Personal notes play an important role in the preparations. They are easily understood by you and help you keep up to date with classroom proceedings. You should make notes of all related topics. This serves you with two benefits- firstly, you can go through the syllabus once and secondly, it serves as an immense help on the eve of the examinations.
  • Strategy for General Studies – The General Studies portion of the Civil Services Examinations covers everything under the sun. The Best civil services coaching in Delhi recommends that you categories general studies under the following sections to make things easier for you.
  • History – Modern History and Freedom Movement are two sections these examinations levy more stress on. Ancient India and Medieval History can also be given quick glances to cover all bases in the history section.
  • Geography – Huge stress is given to Physical Geography and the Maps sections. A detailed study of an Atlas can help in ironing out the small details of Maps section of the paper.
    General Science – This forms a major chunk of the questions. A guidebook is a good way of keeping well versed with this section.
  • Current Affairs – Nothing better than a newspaper can help keep you up to date with the current affairs.

Along with the above mentioned strategies, you should go through you short notes rigorously, rely on revisions, sleep well on the eve of the examination, and never lose your confidence. If followed ardently nothing can stop you from achieving success. Another key aspect, for many of the civil service aspirants, is to join a very good coaching centre that simplifies things for you. In this regard, Classic IAS Academy has been known to bear a proven track record and throws up great results each year.

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