Rohingyas issue and its implications on the National security!

Key Highlights:

  • Recently the Central Government has said that the refugees will be shifted to EWS flats in Bakkarwala in Delhi,
  • In Delhi they will be provided basic Amenities.
  • They will also be given UNHCR ids and accorded round-the-clock police protection.

About Rohingyas:

  • Rohingyas are Ethnic group, mostly Muslims. They were not granted full citizenship by Myanmar.
  • They were classified as “resident foreigners or associate citizens”.
  • Ethnically they are much closer to the Indo-Aryan people of India and Bangladesh than to the Sino-Tibetans of the Country.

Concerns to India’s Security:

  • Threat to National Security: The continuance of the illegal immigration of Rohingyas into India and their continued stay in India is found to be having serious national security ramifications and poses serious security threats.
  • Instability: It also increases the political instability when leaders start mobilising the perception of the citizens of the country against the migrants by the elites to grab political power.
  • Extremism: The persistent attacks against the Muslims perceived as illegal migrants have given way to radicalisation.
  • Human trafficking: In recent decades, trafficking of women and human smuggling has become quite rampant across the borders.

Law and Order Issue: The rule of law and integrity of the country are undermined by the illegal migrants who are engaged in illegal and Anti-National activities.

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