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The QS Indian University rankings has released the second edition of standalone Indian University rankings.


  • This is the second edition of the QS Indian University Rankings.
  • It includes private, public, deemed or higher education universities.
  • The Indian Institute of Technologies (IITs) dominate the list.
  • IIT-Bombay tops the list.
  • It is followed by the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) Bangalore, and IIT Delhi which has improved its rank from and pushed IIT Madras to fourth place.
  • Among the top 10, Delhi University, IISc and University of Hyderabad are non-IIT institutions.

Eight Indicators

  • For the rankings, QS took eight indicators into consideration. They are:
  • Academic Reputation – Weight of 30%
    • Employer Reputation – Weight of 20%
    • Faculty-Student Ratio – Weight of 20%
    • The Proportion of Staff with a Ph.D. – Weight of 10%
    • Papers per faculty from Scopus Database – Weight of 10%
    • Citations per paper from Scopus Database – Weight of 5%
    • The Proportion of International Students – Weight of 2.5%
    • The Proportion of International Faculty – Weight of 2.5%
  • The indicator Academic reputation which has the highest weight is used by QS in its major global survey of academics who are asked to identify top institutions in their respected fields of expertise.
  • ‘Proportion of Staff with a Ph.D.’ indicator shows the institution’s commitment to hiring highly qualified faculty.
  • The global appeal of the institution is shown by the ‘Proportion of International Students’ and ‘Proportion of International Faculty’ indicators.
  • The research productivity of the institution is indicated by ‘Citations per paper’.

Not Comparable

  • The Indian rankings, however, are not comparable with QS World University Rankings.
  • In the rankings released earlier this year, IIT Bombay was ranked the top Indian University and IIT-Delhi the second best.
  • The QS Indian rankings and the World Rankings use two different criteria. For example, the academic reputation indicator has a weight of 40% in the World Rankings while it is 30% in Indian rankings.


The world rankings released by QS are one of the best indicators of the status of a University. Country specific rankings like the one carried out in India will help the Universities in the country to compete and improve their standards. This will also help in achieving the country’s dream of seeing an Indian university among the top 10 in the world.

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