How Can You Prepare for IAS Exam When Facing a Money Crunch?

How Can You Prepare for IAS Exam When Facing a Money Crunch?
How Can You Prepare for IAS Exam When Facing a Money Crunch?

The youth of the country would think of becoming an IAS officer at least once in their lives. Such is the craze for this job. The opportunities the scope it provides for serving the nation is immense. Many have thus made it their life goal to become an IAS officer.

For achieving this goal, one has to pass through the assiduous task of clearing the IAS Exam. In earlier days, the cost of preparation for the exam was manageable. But now, the costs have skyrocketed. Be it for IAS study materials or lodging services if preferring a remote coaching center or for writing mock tests, the high competition increased the demand for these services and hence high costs.

Yet, one can manage their preparation even if they are facing a money crunch. Let us see how.

The preparation for IAS Exam can be divided into four segments where money is involved. They are:

  • Resource Collection
  • Coaching Services
  • Test Taking

Resource Collection

It is a myth among IAS aspirants that having a vast collection of study materials and books will enable them to clear the exam. Nothing is further from the truth. It is not because of the quantity but because of the quality that success can be achieved.

The IAS Exam market is flooded by tonnes of books and study materials every year. By being careful at picking the right books, you can reduce your expenses. Also, some alternative channels are available for you to reduce your expenses further.

For example, NCERT textbooks are mandatory for IAS preparation. normally, you would be buying these textbooks in physical forms. But, if you have a personal computer or a laptop, you can download the same for free from the NCERT site itself. If you still prefer reading a physical book, prefer a book providing the gist of NCERT. It helps you save time from reading a whole book and save you money.

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In similar fashion, alternatives are available for each and every subject mentioned in the syllabus. Also, use the power of the internet to maximize your knowledge and minimize your expenses. Most internet service providers now offer low-cost internet services. Pick one and set the ball rolling.

Coaching Services

In this fast-paced and highly competitive world, everyone is looking for a quick way out. For IAS preparation too, many are finding such getaways.

It is not to say that coaching has no utility. Each person has their own knowledge base and their own in competencies. But, their passion to become an IAS officer is what keeps them at an even keel.

It is to avoid these in competencies, many join coaching services. Here, you can save your money by paying up for high-quality services. In such coaching centres, the syllabus will be covered on time, provide personal guidance in the way of clearing doubts, you can get resources of best quality and mentorship.

But, one major additional cost in opting for a coaching centre is lodging and boarding costs. In Delhi, the IAS coaching hub, on an average the cost for getting a room for stay range anywhere between Rs. 8,000 to Rs. 20,000. As you have to stay there at least for a year, you do the math. Here too, institutes like Classic IAS Academy are offering an affordable yet comfortable stay in Delhi.

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If you still cannot afford to go to a coaching center, then go online. Coaching center of good repute and many start-ups are providing IAS coaching services online. They are less expensive than coaching centers, but one drawback is you cannot get personal guidance or clear your doubts real-time.

Test Taking

Writing mock tests is an important part of IAS preparation. Without testing the knowledge you gained, you can never know if your preparation is going in the right direction.

If you have opted to stay away from coaching centres and are preparing on your own, one way to get adequate practice is to purchase a mock test series. In earlier days, it is done through postal mode which is a bit expensive. For a cheaper option, try online ias test series services of many coaching centres. Here, apart from saving money, you can get the result and performance analysis on a real-time basis.

More Ways

Here, we have dealt with major expenses that occur in the process of IAS preparation. If you analyses your expenses carefully, you can prepare for the exam smoothly even in a money crunch situation.

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