Chandrayaan-2 Set for a July Launch – ISRO


India’s ambitious second mission to Moon, Chandrayaan-2, is set to be launched between July 9-16.


  • The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is gearing up to launch its second mission to Moon.
  • The Chandrayaan-2 mission will consist of 14 scientific payloads including a lunar lander.
  • The spacecraft weighs 3,800 kg.
  • It consists of an orbiter, that orbits the moon at 100km from the surface.
  • The orbiter will collect scientific information such as the mineral composition of the moon, the lunar topography, elemental abundance, composition of the lunar exosphere, presence of hydroxyl and water ice.
  • Vikram – is a five-legged lander that will descend onto the moon’s surface.
  • Pragyan – is a robotic rover will probe the lunar terrain and conduct in situ experiments.
  • As per ISRO, the orbiter consists of eight payloads, Lander – 4 and Rover – 2.
  • The landing site chosen by ISRO is in the south pole of the moon which was hitherto unexplored by any spacefaring nation so far.
  • The Chandrayaan-2 will be lifted on GSLV MkIII, ISRO’s heavy lifter.
  • If India manages to land the rover on to the surface of the moon, it will become the fourth nation to do so. The other countries are – US, USSR, and China.


The previous mission Chandrayaan-1, launched in October 2008, was a successful mission. Presence of water ice on the surface of the Moon was determined by this mission.

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  • It is a three-stage rocket.
  • The first stage is the S-200 solid rocket booster.
  • The second stage is the L110. It is a liquid profusion system that carries liquid fuel.
  • The third stage is C25 with CE-20 cryogenic engine.
  • The launch vehicle can carry a payload of 4000kg to Geosynchronous Transit Orbit (GTO) and 8000kg to Low Earth Orbit (LEO).
  • It will also be used to launch Gaganyaan – India’s first crewed spacecraft.
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