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ISRO has announced that it has began preparations for the Gaganyaan mission. The space agency has announced that a management structure has been formed with a task to realise the mission.

About Gaganyaan

  • It is a mission to send three astronauts to space on a maiden human space flight.
  • An indigenous space capsule to carry the astronauts is being developed by ISRO.
  • It will be launched from GSLV MkIII launch vehicle.
  • The mission is expected to be launched by 2022.
  • Total budget allocated for the mission is Rs. 9023 crore.
  • Astronauts will be selected from the pilots of Indian Air Force.
  • For advanced training of the astronauts, ISRO has signed an agreement with Russia.
  • As per the mission objectives, astronauts will be placed in an orbit at a distance of 400 Km from surface of the Earth. They will continue to remain in space for seven days.
  • For the project, ISRO is set to deploy 861 personnel with an additional 700 workers for the mission.
  • For the mission, a new centre named Human Space Flight Centre is set up in Bengaluru.
  • Unnikrishnan Nair will be the director of the centre and of the mission.
  • Already ISRO had conducted re-entry test and pad abort test with the prototype crew capsule.


  • It is the heavy lifter of ISRO.
  • The launch vehicle has three stages with a cryogenic upper stage.
  • It has the capacity to put a payload weighting 4 tons in the Geosynchronous Transfer Orbit (GTO) or a 10 ton payload in Low Earth Orbit (LEO).
  • It has two strap-ons named Vikas liquid engines and a core liquid booster named S-200.
  • The first successful flight of GSLV Mk III was in 2017. It launched GSAT-19 satellite to GTO.

Significance of the Mission

  • Only a few nations have the capability to launch astronauts to space. When successful, India will join the elite group.
  • The success of the mission will prove to the world the technological capabilities of the country.
  • It has the potential to imbibe scientific temper in the youth of the country.
  • Missions like this will pave the way for space travel which is the next frontier for human inquisitiveness.
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