Reason to Join Classic IAS Academy for your IAS Exam Preparation

Taking advice from a wise relative, Ramesh came to Delhi from a faraway place. Having reached the hub of IAS coaching, Ramesh began his search for a coaching centre. He went to Old Rajender Nagar and lost himself in the barrage of advertisements offering coaching services. He was astonished to find coaching centres at every nook and corner of the area. Confused, he dialed his wise relative and got the suggestion of joining a particular institute. One and a half year later he regrets the decision he had taken.

The story of many IAS aspirants is as above. Finding best coaching centres became a rarity. We are one such rare coaching centre.

We are not boasting but here are the reasons to join Classic IAS Academy for your IAS exam preparation.

Pedagogy Par Excellence

We have always been a step ahead of UPSC. Through our intuition and excellent pedagogical faculty, we ensure that our students face any challenge that UPSC throws at them.

Our key strengths are:

Pedagogical Approach – We believe in a participatory and interactive approach to pedagogy. Students can discuss freely any topic or issue without any hesitation in the classroom. We create a positive atmosphere and help students acquire an analytical mindset.

Comprehensive Study – The three stages of Civil Services Exam are not dissimilar. They may be in form but the syllabus is common to all. It is why we follow a comprehensive study strategy in all our classroom programmes.

Faculty – Our faculties are immensely experienced and are from best universities in the country. Also among them are ex-bureaucrats who know the ways of the UPSC. They will guide you in every possible way for your success.

Optional Subjects

Finding fine quality coaching for optional subjects is difficult. It is more so if the subjects are popular ones. To this end, we have subject experts who have immense experience in teaching for optionals. Their approach to optional subjects is practical. The theoretical aspects are dealt by taking real-life examples just the way UPSC asks its questions nowadays. We also provide well-curated subject materials for your reference.

At Classic IAS Academy, you can study for optional subjects like Political Science, History, Public Administration, Sociology, and Geography.

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Testing Your Strength

Knowledge gained when untested is useless. We constantly test your knowledge through our mandatory fortnightly tests, surprise tests, and UPSC mock test series. It is a way to make you ready to face the exam without any doubt.

Through our testing, you will judiciously tackle uncharted territories; be wise in leaving the unknown; enhance your ability to manage time; be quick-minded in answering tricky questions; bringing forth your analytical brain; and much more.

Scholarships to the Needy

More than gaining, we find solace in giving. We made a commitment to ourselves to serve the needy in ways possible within our capabilities. To this extent, we have been successfully running scholarship programmes. We go even to the extent of giving 100% fee concession.

The success of such candidates only emboldens us to do more good. Mark our words. We do not revert on our promises.

Your Second Best Home

Coming out from the comfort of your home for a long stay outside is difficult. Nothing can beat the niceties a home provides. But, we offer you the second best home through our accommodation facilities.

You can avail best quality low price accommodation through us. We ensure a clean and non-disturbing environment. Also, the attitude of our staff at the coaching centre is cordial and help you in the best of their capacities.

In Conclusion…

In the end, we can only say that we provide the best coaching services for IAS exam. Rest, you can find out yourself by visiting us.

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Classic IAS Academy is at the forefront of providing best IAS coaching in delhi, India. The Academy helps the aspirants to tap their innate analytical power to become successful in the exam.

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