Potential Radio Signal from An Exoplanet

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A team of scientists has detected potential radio signals from the exoplanet.


  • In an exciting discovery, a team of international scientists has for the first time detected radio signals coming possibly from an exoplanet beyond the solar system.
  • The radio signals were emanating from an exoplanet system about 51 light-years away from Earth.
  • The researchers made the discovery using LOFAR, a lower frequency array radio telescope from the Netherlands.
  • The emissions were busted from the Tau Bootes star system.
  • The Tau Bootes star system was hosting a Hot Jupiter which is a gaseous giant planet and is closer to its sun.
  • The researchers were from Cornell University in the US.
  • Scientists observed the exoplanetary potential radio-emission signals in the constellation Cancer and Upsilon Andromedae systems.
  • This research showed that only the Tau Bootes exoplanet systems exhibited a significant radio signature.
  • The signal contains a binary star system and an exoplanet.
  • This new radio signal detection opens up a new window on exoplanets.
  • It also provides a new way to examine alien worlds that are tens of light-years away.

Sources of Radio Signals

  • Astronomical radio waves are emitted from various types of objects in the Universe.
  • These objects are extremely energetic physical processes of the Universe.
    1. Some sources are:
    2. Galactic centres
    3. supernova remnants
    4. Neutron Stars – Pulsars, Rotating Radio Transient (RRAT) sources
    5. Radio galaxies
    6. Quasars
    7. Extragalactic pulses
    8. Primordial blackholes
  • In our solar system, the Sun and the Jupiter are sources of radio waves.
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