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The government of India is going to bring the country’s first National Agriculture Education Policy.


  • The government is set to being the first National Agriculture Education Policy.
  • The policy will bring academic credit banks and degree programmes with multiple exits and entry options.
  • The Agricultural education policy applies to 74 universities which are focused on crop science, veterinary, fisheries and dairy training and research.
  • The Agriculture Ministry will soon receive a draft text of the policy being prepared by a six member committee of Vice-Chancellors.
  • Every year in the country, more than 45,000 students are admitted to agriculture universities.
  • The agricultural education is already aligned with the new education policy which wants a shift to four-year undergraduate degrees and experimental education.
  • The major challenge for the universities will be the push towardsmulti-disciplinary sciences.
  • Currently, Agri Universities are domain-specific in horticulture, veterinary science and fisheries sciences, etc.
  • The new education policy wants to incorporate humanities and social sciences along with agri sciences, which will be a big challenge for Universities.

Academic Credit Banks

  • The Academic Credit Banks allow the movement of students within and outside the University system.
  • This is done by incorporating distributed learning systems.
  • A credit-based formal system will be established that integrates skills and experience in the credit recognition system.
  • The academic earned from Higher Education Institutions will be digitally stored and can be used for awarding a certificate, degree or diploma.

READY Programme

  • The agricultural education policy has a six month internship programme called READY which is Rural Entrepreneurship Awareness Development Yojana.
  • In this programme, all the students have to undergo a six month internship programme.
  • This program is in their fourth year to gain hands-on training, industrial experience, research expertise, entrepreneurship skills and rural awareness.
  • The main obstacle of the program is how to ensure that experiential learning is made available for all the students if there is multiple entry-exit systems.
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