Malabar Naval Exercise Begins

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For the first time, the Australian Navy is participating in the Malabar Navy Exercise.


  • Phase 1 of the Malabar Navy Exercise is going to start on 3rd November.
  • Since 2007, for the first time, the Australian Navy is going to take part in the exercise.

Malabar Exercise

  • Malabar Naval Exercise is a multilateral exercise.
  • The exercise includes simulated war games and combat tactics.
  • It was started as a bilateral exercise between India and the USA navies in 1992.
  • Later, it was joined by Japan in 2015 and transformed into a multilateral exercise.
  • This year, the exercise will have a new member, the Australian Navy.
  • Also, this year, the Malabar exercise will be conducted in two phases.
  • The first phase is on 3rdNovember off the coast of Visakhapatnam.
  • The second phase is in mid-November in the Arabian-Sea.
  • In 2019, the exercise was held in September off the coast of Japan.
  • Considering the COVID-19 protocols, this year’s exercise has been planned on a “non-contact-at sea’.

Participation of Australia

  • This year’s exercise is different as the exercise will see the participation of all the Quad countries.
  • The exercise will help India to increase its cooperation with other countries in the maritime security domain and also to increase defence cooperation with Australia.
  • There were two Malabar exercises in 2007.
  • The first phase was held at Okinawa island off Japan in the Western Pacific and for the first time, it was held away from the Indian shores.
  • The second phase was held in September off the coast of Visakhapatnam and was participated by India, Japan, the US, Australia and Singapore navies.
  • Australia stopped participating and Japan became a regular participant in 2015.
  • The participation of four big navies from the Indo-pacific region will send a strong message to China.

Other Naval Exercises by India

  • The Indian Navy conducted several Passage Exercises (PASSEX).
  • The Passage Exercises (PASSEX) were conducted with navies of Japan, Australia and the US.
  • These exercises were conducted to increase operability between navies.
  • With the Royal Australian Navy, the Indian Navy conducted PASSEX.
  • In July, Indian conducted the passage exercise with the US carrier strike group, USS Nimitz.
  • The USS Nimitz, the US carrier is one of the largest warships in the world.
  • After completing the freedom of navigation exercise in the South China Sea, the carrier strike group passed through the Indian Ocean region.
  • In June, a similar exercise was conducted with the Japan Maritime Self Defence Force.
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