Indian Women Face Violence Most

Indian women face the most violence - WHO

The findings of the World Health Organisation (WHO) shows that Indian women face the most violence by the sexual intimate partner/ non-partner sexual violence in the world.


  • As per the findings of the WHO, 1 in 3 women in the world has faced either physical and/or sexual intimate partner violence or non-partner sexual violence in their lifetime.
  • This accounts for 35% of women in the world.
  • It found that 38% of murders of women around the world are committed by the male intimate partners of the women.
  • In India, this intimate partner violence is highest at 37.7% which is highest in the WHO South-East Asia region.
  • It is 23.2% in high-income countries, 24.5% in Western Pacific countries, and 37% in the Eastern Mediterranean region.
  • The intimate partner violence and sexual violence is a major public health problem and a violation of basic human rights of women.
  • To counter the menace, WHO along with UN Women and others developed a framework called Respect for the prevention of violence against women. Governments can adopt this framework in countering the menace.

How Violence is Perpetrated?

WHO states that violence against women is perpetrated by men who have low education, who see women as subordinate to them, entitled to male privilege, have an attitude of accepting violence, faced abuse during childhood, who have seen their mothers face violence, alcohol abuse.

Effects of Violence

  • Public health experts caution that violence has many ramifications on women both mentally and physiologically.
  • It will have adverse effects on reproductive and sexual health too.
  • It also increases the chances of HIV infections among women.
  • WHO cautions that the effects are both short-term and long-term for both women and their children.
  • It has economic and social costs to women, families, and societies.
  • WHO calls for counseling, home visitation, sensitization as effective measures to counter male violence.

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  • India, being a patriarchal society, the male-dominance over the female is high.
  • The rigid system cannot be broken down at a single stroke.
  • Gradual progress in the form of women education, gender sensitization both at homes and workplaces, equal rights to women, etc, will help reduce violence towards women.
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