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Students across the nation who choose to study for the Civil Services Examination encounter a variety of questions. What is the syllabus? How to Prepare? And so on.

  • In reality, before starting their preparations, a Civil Services aspirant should visit the UPSC Website and get acquainted with the indicative syllabus as provided in the notification for the Civil Services Examination. Eventually the aspirant can download the Brochure of the Classic IAS Academy for a detailed syllabus and analysis of the examination pattern for the past 10 years which might prove to be very useful to the aspirant.
  • It’s crucial to focus your preparation for the Civil Services Examination as per the syllabus. In order to fulfill the requirements of the exams one must effectively channelize his/her efforts. To understand the UPSC Examination pattern the aspirant can download the Classic IAS Academy UPSC Pattern which would facilitate the aspirant to prepare their strategy accordingly.
  • If you remember that during our school days we used to go through the syllabus thoroughly for our high school and higher secondary examinations and make our strategy to conquer the exams. The Civil Services Examination conducted by the UPSC is no exception.
  • To understand the things better let’s take an example of the common misunderstanding that the World History is also included in the General Studies-I syllabus of the Prelims examination, but in reality these topics are only covered in the Mains examination. Thus one must thoroughly understand the syllabus nature, scope and extent.
  • One may grasp what to read, what to not read and what resources they should consult thanks to the objective clarity that comes from studying the UPSC Syllabus. This applies to the optional subjects as well. 

How one should move ahead?

  • Keep the curriculum of the Civil Services Examination handy and within reach and pinning it in your study area is very helpful for the applicants. This makes sure that the students are aware of the syllabus and where possible at the absolute least, give it cursory read.
  • It’s vitally important to understand the importance of right strategy for UPSC preparation. For example in the Prelims there are two papers 1) GS-1 & GS-2 (CSAT-Civil Services Aptitude Test). Off this the CSAT examination is qualifying in nature and one must score a minimum of 33% marks (66 out of 200 marks) with the provision of 1/3rd negative marking. If a minimum of 33% marks are not achieved, the aspirant shall be out of the game as then the GS-1 answer sheet shall not be checked at all.
  • Similarly in the Mains exam one needs to obtain a minimum of 25% marks in the Paper-A & B which are Compulsory Indian Language and English failing which rest of the 7 papers shall not be checked at all.
  • Further the strategies for the Prelims and the Mains are different. As the Prelims is Objective and the Mains is Subjective in nature.  For Prelims the aspirant need to develop its Objective answering skills with the practice on the previous year’s papers and other resources on the real time basis, one needs to have a legible and appealing handwriting as the Mains examination is completely Subjective in nature.
  • Aspirant should split down each topic into its component parts and use specialized sources for each topic. Aspirants would find it simpler to traverse the extensive UPSC syllabus for the Civil Services Examination once this broad framework is in place.
  • Further, an analysis of question papers from previous years helps one to put the syllabus into better perspective as often, the true breadth and depth of the syllabus can be better ascertained after analyzing questions which have been asked around the concerned topics. You can click on the link “Previous Years UPSC Question Papers” to find out more about the examination.

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