GI Tag for Kashmir Saffron

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Kashmir Saffron has been given the Geographical Tag by the Geographical Indication Registry.


  • The Directorate of Agriculture, Government of Jammu and Kashmir filed the application for GI tag. It is aided by Sher-e-Kashmir University of Agriculture of Sciences and Technology, Kashmir and Saffron Research Station, Dussu Pampore.
  • India is a close competitor to Iran which is the largest producer of Saffron. GI tag for Kashmir Saffron would gain more in the export market.

Kashmir’s Saffron

  • Kashmir’s Saffron is a spice and health rejuvenator. It is a very precious and costly product.
  • Saffron is cultivated in the highlands of Jammu and Kashmir called the Karewa. It is also grown in Pulwama, Budgam, Kishtwar and Srinagar.
  • Saffron is used in cosmetics, medicinal purposes and the traditional cuisines of Kashmir.
  • Kashmir saffron has unique qualities such as aroma, long and thicker stigma, natural red colour, high quality of crocin- a colouring agent, and safranal flavour and picrocrocin bitterness.
  • Saffron is the only spice in the world grown above the mean sea level, at an altitude of 1600 m to 1800 m.
  • Saffron is available in three types. Lachha Saffron where the stigmas are separated from the flowers, dried without processing and are packed in loose airtight containers. Mongra Saffron, stigmas are removed from the flowers and dried and traditional processed. Guchhi Saffron similar to Lachha, stigmas are joined together in a bundle and tied with a cloth thread.
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