How to Choose Optional Coaching Subjects in Delhi for Civil Services Examination?

how tp choose optional subject for upsc cse

The previous UPSC Examinations required of the aspirants to choose two different optional subjects. However, from 2013, they have done away with the second optional and now you have to choose just one optional subject that will consist of two papers of 250 marks each. Various Civil Services Coaching in Delhi can guide you in choosing the right optional subject for the exam.
As such, an optional subject may mean differently to different students. But what exactly does it mean to you? That is exactly what you need to figure out.

  • A high scoring subject?
  • The more popular option?
  • Subject which is easier to understand?
  • A subject that you find interesting?
  • An optional subject for which books and notes are easily available?
  • The subject for which the best coaching facilities are available?
  • Or, the optional subject which has time and again given the best results in the IAS Examinations?
    Every aspirant should be very clear as to which subject he/she intends to choose and should stick with it. A detailed scenario of the different aspects of choosing an optional subject is as explained below.
  • Most IAS aspirants tend to choose an optional subject that guarantees to be high-scoring. Geography and Public Administration are considered to be high scoring subjects. Many candidates have been able to score 350+ scores in Public Administration in recent years. Students taking up Geography as their optional have often cleared the 400 mark in the subject. The average marks of students in Public Administration in 2008 were 266, which is a very good average and completely justifies the fact it is a high scoring optional subject. However, should you end up choosing a high scoring optional subject or are there some other related scenarios that should be looked into before choosing an optional subject? That is something you should decide on.
  • An aspirant can also seek a popular optional subject. Among the various subjects available, the most popular optional subjects are Geography, Sociology, History, Psychology and Public Administration. So let’s look into why these subjects are more popular than the rest of the subjects available for choosing:
  • Geography and Public Administration have definite syllabus which makes them stand out among other subjects. The syllabus is comparatively lesser, especially for Paper-2, and a student can very well go on to complete it in 5 months or so. Furthermore, for Public Administration, you can get good civil services coaching in Delhi although it mostly involves self-study. Geography is usually chosen by Engineers for its laws, principles, and map related questions.
  • History is popular because we all studied it during schooldays and it happens to be an easy scoring subject. Many aspirants also happen to be graduates or post-graduates having History as a subject.
  • Sociology is very easy to understand as the topics are related to the very society we are part of.
  • Another factor is for you to decide whether you require coaching or not for the optional subject? If you are unsure about making it on your own, it is advisable that you join a top civil services coaching in Delhi to help you excel in the optional subject you have chosen.
  • Lastly, you should remember that choosing an optional with some previous background can be very helpful in your preparations and the best civil services coaching in Delhi urge the same. As mentioned earlier, most History graduates and post-graduates opt for History because of their familiarity with the subject. This is why it has been proven time and again, that the choosing of an optional subject with previous base and interest goes a long way in simplifying your preparations.
    A few quick points that should help you in choosing the subject best suited for you are:
  • The subject should excite you.
  • You should want to know more about it.
  • It shouldn’t put you off to sleep.
  • Makes you think out of the box.
  • Books for the chosen optional subject should be easily available.

Every aspirant should focus on the above points in deciding which optional subject will best suit them to produce excellent results. At Classic IAS Academy, we provide great deal of help to students for the correct selection of their optional subject. You can also expect to get a good amount of help from our teachers in this matter.

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