Classic IAS Academy welcomes IAS Aspirants from AGRA, UTTAR PRADESH:

Classic IAS Academy invites IAS aspirants from Agra, Uttar Pradesh, who wish to pursue IAS as a career. Classic IAS Academy has emerged as the most reputable, transparent, and best-in-class IAS Coaching Academy in the Delhi/NCR area, including Agra, Uttar Pradesh, and has consistently delivered consistent outcomes in growing numbers of IAS choices year after year. We are happy to have a state-of-the-art classroom in the major business area of South Delhi, Bhikaji Cama Place, in a tranquil setting.

Over time, the academy has developed experience in establishing proven approaches and methodology, which are deemed tremendously valuable by IAS aspirants, and based on its continual research, we have been able to give consistently successful students in passing the IAS test, and the counting continues.

Classic IAS Academy is primarily concerned with the following major components of IAS preparation:

  1. Coaching from a well-known, experienced, and highly qualified Faculty
  2. Marathon Test Series Intelligently Designed
  3. Batch sizes that are moderate
  4. Interactive learning and question-and-answer sessions
  5. Current Affairs Analysis that is both relevant and intelligent
  6. There are several free resources available.
  7. Techniques for Answer Writing Time Management and Strategy that have been well examined and demonstrated
  8. Time Management & Strategy
  9. Full Course Coverage with Optional Subject Enriched Interview Guidance Programme Well-crafted Printed Study Material
  10. Enriched Interview Guidance Program

Aside from providing an excellent course curriculum, our team supports Agra's IAS Aspirants in locating acceptable lodgings near the classroom center at Bhikaji Cama Place and maybe in the region of IAS Aspirants' communal living.

Course Availability for IAS Coaching in Agra, Uttar Pradesh:

S.No. Type of Course Course Duration Mode of Delivery
1 Offline-Class Room Program
(Conducted only at our Karol Bagh and South Delhi Centre's at New Delhi)
12 Months Hybrid
(Offline + Online)
2 Recorded On-Line Classes
(Can be done from any place across India)
12 Months Online Only
3 Live On-line Classes
(Runs simultaneously with the Offline Class Room Programme and can be done from any place across India)
12 Months Online Only
Classic's Offline-Class Room Programme covers General Studies Foundation (Prelims + Mains + Essay +CSAT+ Test Series + Interview Guidance including Mock Interviews by Ex-UPSC Board Members)
Classic's Recorded & Live Online Programme covers General Studies Foundation (Prelims + Mains + Essay +CSAT+ Test Series)
Optional Courses are conducted in History/Geography/Public Administration/PS&IR/Sociology
Why Choose Classic IAS Academy:
  • We have been providing IAS coaching for the past 12 years and currently have three locations in Delhi! Our whole course is 52 weeks/1 year at Karol Bagh, and Bhikaji Cama Place (South Delhi).
  • We have established our own strategies, methodology, and patterns on which we have a copyright, and these tactics will help students take the test with confidence, increasing their chances of passing the Prelims, Mains, or Interviews.
  • We have a dedicated research team that is constantly updating these strategies and patterns in response to changes made by the UPSC.
  • The appropriate type of coaching and advice to keep the applicant on track.
  • We use superior digital teaching strategies to educate on smart boards and whiteboards.
  • Since our batch sizes are moderate, we are able to deliver better results and thus the exam passing rate is better. We have delivered 60+ selections in the year 2021, 80+ selections in the year 2020 exams, 54 selections in the 2019 and 120 in the year 2018.
  • We give complete study materials in the form of printed books, handouts, and notes.
  • Every month, the Classic Monthly E-Magazine about current events is published.
  • Additional gift hampers are awarded for passing the various levels of the exam.
  • We also hold get-together meetings with students on choices and successes, which creates a fun and lively mood.
  • We teach on the smart boards and white boards using better digital teaching techniques.
  • We provide full study material in the form of printed set of books, hand out and notes.
  • The Classic Monthly E-Magazine on the current affairs is issued every month.
  • Further gift hampers are also given on clearing the various stages of exam.
  • We also have get-together sessions with students on selections and achievements and thus make the atmosphere full of fun and frolic.
  • We will continue to bombard you with free resources, interactive sessions, workshops, and personality development activities.
  • Courses that are well-designed and organized to meet the needs of the students in both classroom and online settings.
  • Air-conditioned, well-furnished, and pleasant classrooms
  • Trial lessons are completely free of charge for students. Students can come to us for a trial run of life lessons.
  • Dedicated mentorship is provided to each student on an individual basis to address academic, preparation, and professional difficulties, as well as function as a bridge between the faculty and the student.
  • Call us at 1800 419 6790 for expert advice on IAS coaching.
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