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Interview Guidance

The IGP will focus on National & International issues and Indian Economy, optional subject chosen by the student in the mains exam etc. The Program will also focus on presentation, communication skills, body language, approach towards different issues and answering technics. The candidates will be provided with Two Simulated Interview by panel of experts. The panel consists of eminent faculty members & bureaucrats having experience in training on analytical ability and supporting the students in their final selection.

About Interview or Personality Test of UPSC

The Interview for the civil services exam also known as the Personality Test. It is aimed at assessing the candidate’s personality and suitability for the services. The candidate is tested for his/her intelligence, personality, attentiveness, presentation, communication skills, body language towards different issues, answering technic, balance of judgement, honesty, integrity and leadership. Thus, preparation for the Interview requires a proper planning.

The selectors look out for some attributes in the candidate and decide whether they are suited for a career in civil services. The candidate should have a positive attitude, should have an alert mind with quick reflexes, should be free from any sort of prejudice, should be good at making quick decisions and should have the ability to act under stress.

Preparation for the Interview involves a wide reading of books, journals, magazines & newspapers. One should improve their conversational skills with proper pronunciation. The candidate should be prepared to answer questions on his/her background, hobbies and extra curriculum activities. It is always better to discuss current affairs and recent issues with family & friends prior to your interview date.

One good way of rehearsing possible questions would be to have mock interviews and discussion groups. The candidates should make a self assessment of their strengths and weaknesses and make a conscious effort to lead the interview on his strengths.

Tips for Interview

  • To have a positive body language
  • To have a good personal turnout and ensuring the right posture
  • To answer questions clearly and confidently
  • Eye contact should be maintained to show that you are listening attentively
  • Try to remain calm and composed even when faced with provocative questions
  • Try not getting into long winded explanations and answer to the point.

Things To Avoid at the Interview

  • Avoid the phrase like, 'I am sorry.'
  • Avoid phrase, like: 'as you know', 'that's correct', 'of course', 'indeed', 'obviously', etc.
  • Avoid technical jargon. However, if a member continues to probe you in any technical field, you can use technical expressions.
  • Maintain a cheerful disposition. Now and then you can appear serious according to the situation and answers. if the board laughs, you should only smile. It is only when you maintain some amount of distance that the board begins to wonder about the depth of your personality.
  • Do not give long introductions. Should be straight to the point.
  • Show human concern in the answers when needed.
  • One should be logically consistent and analytical in answering.

Areas of questions asked at the interview

  • Relating to your name
  • Career choice
  • Hobbies
  • Hot topics of recent days
  • Your knowledge level if you are a professional like doctor, lawyer, engineer etc.
  • Situational questions
  • The Order of choice of services
  • About your Educational institution, it’s location & history

NOTE : The figures clearly shows that the marks in the interview test play a determining role in final selection of candidates.


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