Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay Unnat Krishi Shiksha Scheme

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Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay Unnat Krishi Shiksha Scheme

Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay Unnat Krishi Shiksha Scheme

  • Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay Unnat Krishi Shiksha Scheme was launched in the year 2016 to promote agricultural education.

  • Under the scheme 100 centres being opened with a fund of Rs.5.35 crore.

  • Attracting and retaining youth in Agriculture (ARYA)” is a project sanctioned by the Indian Council of Agriculture (ICAR) and is being implemented at Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK).

  • The main objective of the project was to provide complete knowledge and skill on processing, value addition and marketing of coconut and banana products through capacity building programmes involving research and development organizations.

Composite Floor Testing

  • If there is absolute majority i.e more than 50% of the seats won by a single political party then there is no questions in who forms the government.

  • In situations where the majority can be questioned (e.g when there is a coalition government), the chief minister appointed by the governor can be asked to prove his majority in the lower house.

  • The chief minister has to move a vote of confidence and win a majority among those present and voting. This is called Floor Testing.

  • If there is more than one person staking claim to form the government and the majority is not clear the governor may call for a special session to see who has the majority. This type is called Composite Floor Testing.

  • The majority is then counted based on those present and voting, including the opposition.

  • The Speaker does not cast his vote on the first instance. He can vote in case of a tie.

  • The Constitution does not spell out the manner in which the governor must satisfy himself about the claim of majority support in the Assembly by the ruling dispensation.

  • It is the Supreme Court’s innovation – Normal floor testing in SR Bommai case and Composite floor testing in the Jagadambika Pal case.

National Scheduled Castes Finance and Development Corporation (NSFDC)

  • NSFDC is an institution under Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment for financing, facilitating and mobilizing funds for the economic empowerment of persons belonging to the Scheduled Castes families living below Double the Poverty Line.

  • It provides concessional finance for setting up of self-employment projects and skill-training grants to unemployed SC persons living below Double the Poverty Line.

  • NSFDC finances income generation schemes for the target group through the State Channelizing Agencies (SCAs) nominated by respective State/UT Governments.

Moscow Conference

  • It is the conference of six nations i.e India, Russia, Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan and China that recently held in Moscow.

  • The central theme of the conference was the stability and future of war-ravaged Afghanistan.

  • Afghanistan made a strong pitch for the United States to be included as one of its most important partners.

  • With U.S. troop levels down to their lowest of about 8,400 at the end of President Obama’s tenure, Afghanistan’s government has been hoping increased assistance from U.S.

World Government Summit

  • The World Government Summit is a UAE-based international organization that serves as a platform for global dialogue attempting to revolutionize how governments operate and how policies are made.

  • It acts as a knowledge exchange hub between governments, futurism, technology and innovation.

  • It aims to bring government, business and civil society together.

  • The 2017 Summit announced Japan as the Annual Guest of Honor this year.

Appointments Committee

  • The Appointments Committee of the Cabinet (ACC) is composed of the Prime Minister of India and the Minister of Home Affairs.

  • It decides appointments to several top posts under the Government of India.

  • Originally the Minister in-charge of the concerned Ministry was also the part of the committee but now has been excluded from the committee.

National Institute of Disaster Management (NIDM)

  • NIDM is an institute for training and capacity development programs for managing natural disasters in India, on a national as well as regional basis.

  • It was constituted under an Act of Parliament in 1995 & was re-designated to give the present name of NIDM by the Disaster Management Act 2005.

  • NIDM also serves as international SAARC Disaster Management Centre (SDMC) and works as focus for its operation and planning.


  • A passerine is any bird of the order Passeriformes, which includes more than half of all bird species.

  • A notable feature of passerines compared to other orders of Aves is the arrangement of their toes, three pointing forward and one back, which facilitates perching.

  • It includes sparrows and similar small birds.

Indian Seed Congress – 2017

  • Indian Seed Congress – 2017 is being held in Kolkata.

  • The theme of Seed Congress is “Seed of Joy”.

  • The annual forum will deliberate on the new technological advances and the barriers to technology development and introduction. It will showcase new product range, services and network for better business development.

  • It would provide a platform for the seed industry stakeholders to talk to technology developers, and policy makers.

World Radio Day 2017

  • World Radio Day is observed on February 13 to celebrate radio as a medium to promote and access information.

  • After originally proposed by the Kingdom of Spain, UNESCO in its 36th General Conference proclaimed World Radio Day on November 3, 2011. Later, it was adopted as an International Day by the United Nations General Assembly.

  • 13 February is the anniversary of the day the United Nations established United Nations Radio in 1946.

  • The theme for the 2017 edition of World Radio Day is “Radio is You.” Last year, the UNESCO’s theme for World Radio Day is “Radio in Times of Emergency and Disaster”.

Muziris Heritage Project

  • Muziris is an ancient port town in little Kerala still holds a kind of beauty that is filled with history and culture.

  • Muziris Heritage Project (MHP), which seeks to link up heritage sites, restore monuments and community spaces along the riparian.

  • The Muziris Heritage Project utilizes at a global level the possibilities of a region, which lost its glory centuries ago.

  • The Government of Kerala has initiated the Muziris Heritage Project to reinstate the historical and cultural significance of the legendary port of Muziris.

  • The region is dotted with numerous monuments of a bygone era that conjure up a vast and vivid past.

  • The entire project is designed to involve and integrate the local community in all intended developmental initiatives.

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