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About Us

about classic ias academy

The Classic IAS Academy is aimed to develop amongst its students a competitive attitude along with sound academic base with quality teaching. The academy also conducts seminars and workshops with the help of experts in order to train the student to think, feel and express like civil servants.

Apart from conveying knowledge of the concern subject, the Classic IAS Academy gives importance to leadership development, social responsibility and brain power development in order to ensure that our tomorrow civil servants do not undergo from any ethical bankruptcy.

Our Approach

ias preparation institute

The primary concern of Classic IAS Academy is to provide the most appropriate ,complete guidance to the aspirants based on all the parameters set by the UPSC for the examination. As the pattern of the civil service examination has been continuously revised by the UPSC board it s our effort to update our content and modify our pedagogy accordingly. In this manner we offer the candidates the best study material executed by the most sought after staff.

The Academy also takes care of Prelims, Mains Optional Subjects as well as the preparation for subsequent interviews. The UPSC exam aims to test not only the aspirant`s subject knowledge but also his/her understanding and explanations combined with their moral and decent standard that makes it the most challenging national level examinations.

The Academy prepares students with greater knowledge and inculcates in them the capacity to think positively ,and act purposively. That s why the student of Classic IAS Academy has maintained the habit of victory , by succeeding in the civil services exam in increasing numbers each year.

At Classic IAS Academy, the main focus is on participatory and interactive learning. Therefore, the faculty members create an atmosphere that is conductive to an all-encompassing teaching. The students are enabled to become lively agent of the teaching-learning method. Apart from this, latest technology and up to date educational techniques are used to give our students a competitive edge over others.

Considering the above factors, we determinedly make every effort to offer the best suited guidance programs that help in realizing the candidate dream into reality.


It is the quality of lectures that determines the quality of scholars, guided by this thought the Academy has an well experienced team of faculty members who are drawn from reputed central universities, well-known private colleges and other reputed fields. At Classic IAS the faculty includes researchers, professors, retired officers, fellows and many other dynamic individual with famous achievements.

The huge experience, in depth knowledge of the content and grip on the UPSC factors combined with the ability to customize the teaching attitude as per individual requirements, makes our faculty the most sought after in the field. Also seminars and periodic workshops are organized to update and empower the faculty to deliver the best.

Class Room Teaching

Classic IAS Academy with its years of proven brilliance is a name to imagine with. This all starts at our classrooms that are the centers of the entire learning experience. IAS preparation involves a long term commitment and determination, due care is taken to keep the students inspired and focused. Other than transacting the set syllabus, the lecturers encourage questioning and taking up individual questions makes the class interactive and contributive. Every class has limited strength to make sure effective learning and coaching. To maintain the quality of classroom training, typical opinions are taken from the students.

We at Classic IAS Academy in Delhi always keeps in mind that our students while studying in the institute should feel completely satisfy in all aspects that may include accommodation provisions, faculty availability or some basic needs of the students as well.

The institute is centered with the beliefs that success lies on having dare that s why we are looking for the students who are passionate and dare to acquire success. Individual caring and quality teaching is the trademark of the academy.

In order to shape the talent we have a well established staff and faculty members having at least 10-15 years of experience in the industry.

Also we would like you to inform that making money has never been the academy s priorities ever since it came into existence, but to serve the poor, deserving candidates and backward class by helping them to achieve their goal by providing them with huge concessions in the fees.

Keeping the above traits as the criteria, we always strive to improve and follow our system of guidance in the best possible manner that it would bring out the best in a candidate so that he/she could compete successfully in civil services examination.

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