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Previous Year Question Paper

Importance of Previous Years Question Papers in CSE Preparation

Often candidates preparing for Civil Services Examination turn a blind eye to previous years question papers. They miss on valuable insights these papers provide. Going through them is absolutely necessary to understand and cracking CSE.

If asked about their success, every successful candidate says going through UPSC previous year question papers as one of the reasons. Why are these important? Have a look.

For an uninitiated ias aspirant, UPSC question papers will clear many doubts. It will help understand the depth of the syllabus, questioning pattern, types of questions etc. It will help one to analyse their capacity to take up UPSC CSE. It will help develop an analytical mind, improve answer writing skills and many more qualitative aspects required for the exam.

A definite utility is with UPSC Prelims previous question papers. By analysing these papers, you can find a pattern. In succeeding years, UPSC might have asked more questions from current affairs and less number of questions from art & culture.

By identifying such a pattern it is safe to assume that current affairs questions are recurring and the probability of Art & Culture questions being asked is high for the year of your preparation. Also, UPSC has some pet questions which it repeats over the years.

Practicing these papers will definitely sharpen your answering skills. No matter how many mock tests you take, practicing ias question papers will certainly give you an edge over others.

While practicing these papers, especially prelims papers, always check with authentic answer keys. There are a number of ias question papers and answer keys available in the market. But, practice only with the UPSC provided answer keys.

To conclude, it is recommended that every ias aspirant must sincerely go through upsc previous year question papers. Practice them as many times as possible and succeed at the highest level.




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